Hands-on: Carly 2.0 + Universal Adapter – OBD-App for all your cars – Part 1

Recently I have received the new Carly Universal Adapter. Before that I still had three older adapters from Carly in use. One for Android and and one for iOS + additionally one for VAG vehicles. From now on I only need exactly one adapter.

Of course I tried the new adapter with the latest Carly app. A short hands-on in part 2.

Packaging, insert and OBD adaptor

The first thing to do is of course: unpack. The packaging is nicely designed. The orange edge of the inner packaging makes it look incredibly valuable. On top of the adapter there is a short instruction / greeting in english language:


This is you, the gear heads and the car ethusiasts, who know, like us, that a car is more than just a mode of transportation. To all of us, a car embodies passion, engineering, and human ingenuity. This is our fuel, it’s what keeps us forcused on our misson.

We are Carly. We connect you to what you love.


Start your Journey now!

  1. Download the App from Apple’s App Store or from Google Play Store
  2. Plugin in the adapter to your car’s OBD port and start the ignition of your car.
  3. Start the app and it will connect automatically to the OBD adapter.

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