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On our website you will find more information about the Carly Apps for BMW, VAG (Audi, VW etc.), Mercedes, Porsche and BMW motorcycles. We also help you to find the right OBD adapter for your smartphone car combination so that everything works as it should and you are satisfied.

Not to forget: only with the original Carly Apps in combination with the Ivini-Tech OBD adapters you have the guarantee that everything works perfectly. If, for example, the OBD adapter is defective, you will get a new one. A lifetime!

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More about Carly on our website or directly at Carly.

Save now 5€ when buying a Carly OBD-Adapter with the coupon code CGA4KN

What’s Carly?

Carly is an app for Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets to e.g. read the error memory of your car or change various settings (encoding).

More information here.

What is Ivini-Tech?

The company Ivini-tech is behind the OBD App Carly (formerly BMWhat and Dr. Mercedes). Representatives of the company are Arian Avini and Avid Avini.

Why do I need an OBD Adapter?

The OBD adapter connects your smartphone or tablet to your car. Android devices require either a Bluetooth or cable adapter. iOS devices require a WLAN adapter.


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