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Classic way


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For the coding and diagnosis of Mercedes vehicles, a piece of hardware, a so-called multiplexer, is required to connect the workshop computer to the vehicle. The usual variants are the C3 and the SDconnect C4. These multiplexers are technically very complex and therefore cost between 300€ and 1000€ depending on whether you import them from China and buy them in the EU. The Star Diagnostic Software (see below) is almost impossible to obtain legally for end customers.

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Xentry is used at Mercedes for diagnosis and coding of Mercedes vehicles. For older vehicles, Xentry automatically switches over to DAS.

DAS (Diagnose Assistent System)

At Mercedes, this is used to diagnose the older Mercedes vehicles. For very old vehicles DAS automatically switches to HHTwin.


HHTwin is used at Mercedes for the diagnosis of the oldest Mercedes vehicles.


Vediamo is used by the factory engineers to develop diagnostic and development software. It serves as a basis for Xentry and DAS. With the software the respective vehicle can be read out (diagnosis), coded and flashed.

Caution! The software has no protective limitations in diagnostics, coding and programming.

DTS.monaco (DTS Monaco)

DTS.monaco is a development tool similar to Vediamo. But the software itself has a more modern structure and can be used more intuitively. It is used for OBD diagnosis, fault analysis, coding and flash programming of the control units (ECUs).


StarFinder is used to search for components in the vehicle. If a defective component is detected in the diagnosis, StarFinder uses the component short code to describe the installation location.

WIS/ASRA (Workshop Information System)

WIS is the Mercedes workshop software. It contains all technical information about the repair. ASRA is used for billing and estimating the working time on the vehicle.

EPC (Electronic Part Catalog / Elektronischer Teilekatalog)

The EPC is an electronic parts catalogue. In combination with PL72 you have access to the current part prices.

Modern way


With this alternative way you can do many things without “stolen” software. All conveniently via an Android / iOS app for little money. The most important functions such as reading the error memory and displaying the current engine parameters are easily possible.

Carly for Mercedes

With the App Carly for Mercedes you can do almost everything that is possible with the classic toolset.

On the one hand you need a suitable OBD adapter. You should use the original OBD adapter for Carly from Ivini-Tech.

More about Carly on our website or on Carly’s Website.


Carly for Mercedes Google Play

Carly for Mercedes



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