Price comparison of the Carly Apps – Overview prices and costs


What does the Carly Apps cost?

In addition to the suitable OBD adapter for your operating system, you need the appropriate license for your desired car manufactures. This is offered exclusively as a subscription. The licence is valid for one year.

Can the OBD adapter also be used across brands?

Yes, the new Carly Universal Adapter, is compatible with all brands and Android + iOS.

The old second generation adapter can be used for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Renault and Toyota. The only exception is the VAG adapter. This is a first generation adapter and can only be used with other brands to a limited extent. Important: the WiFi adapter only works with iOS and the Bluetooth adapter only with Android! 

What does the annual license cost with the Carly full version?

The annual license costs between 20€ and 74€ depending on brand and operating system.

It is recommended to purchase the license directly from Carly. The advantage for you: You can switch between different devices and also between iOS and Android at all times. When buying from the App Store or Play Store this is only possible to a very limited extent. For Carly, this also means that 100% of the license costs can flow back into the development of Carly. Otherwise, when buying in the store, 30% will be charged by Apple or Google for the purchase transaction.

A more detailed overview in the following price comparison:

Price comparison of the Carly Apps

How can I get the Carly annual license for a lower price?

You can get the Play Store / App Store credit at various promotions for a lower price. further tips can be found here on the website.

Price comparison of Carly OBD adapters

Overview of the prices of OBD adapters for the individual apps. On all prices you get an extra 5€ discount with the voucher CADS2021. In addition to that you get the shipping costs of 9,90€ (Germany).

How can I aquire the OBD adapters cheaper?

We can offer you a special Automotive Coding discount when buying a brand new Carly Universal adapter.

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