Carly for BMW Cars



With the App Carly for BMW Pro App (also known under BMWhat) you can read manufactor-specific diagnostic trouble codes (DTC, MIL) with you phone. With the lite version of the app you can try it for free once. So you are able to check your cars error memory, delete it and you exactly know whats wrong. Additionally you get so called “Freeze Frames” with every engine error, so you exactly know when it happened and what state your engine had just in that moment. For example you get your milage, running speed or the engine temperature


Coding your car means changing different configuration entries of your ECUs (Electronic Control Units) of your BMW. You may activate a digital speedometer, auto fold your mirros after locking your car or customize your “Welcome Light”. If you have bought extra white lamps for your Angel Eyes you can increase the voltage and this way the brightness / whiteness of those lamps, so they don’t look yellowish.

Service Reset

If you maintain your car yourself, you can reset your “In-Control Messages” within the iDrive and your service times within the on-board computer. So you can change your oil or brakes yourself and reset the messages so your car knows that you have changed it, instead of warning you every time you start your car.

Live Parameters

Sometimes it is useful to monitor your engines parameters while driving to analyse an error that only occurs once a while. Also you can check them while driving hard on the race track.

Used Car Check

If you buy a used car you can avoid a bad buy with Carly for BMW. You can look under the hood of your new car before buying it. You can check for manipulated milage, identify stolen cars with a VIN check and you can see the driving characteristis of the pre owners.

Battery Registration

When you replace your BMW’s battery you need to register it to you ECUs. With Carly for BMW you can do it yourself without the heko of a car service station.

Diesel Particulate Filter

With Carly you can check your cars DPF. YOu can reganerate it with a button press and track the regeneration in real-time.

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