Carly voucher code CADS2021

You can save in the Carly Shop on every order with the voucher code directly in your basket.

With the current Carly voucher CADS2021 you get a discount when buying an OBD adapter in MyCarly Shop. You also get discounts on other hardware from Carly.

Carly voucher – CADS2021

The voucher also works for 2021!

Since the voucher can be redeemed several times, we recommend to simply split the order.

  • Carly VAG Bluetooth Adapter 36,90€ – 5,00€ Voucher = 31,90€ (+ shipping) equals 14%
  • Carly Bluetooth Adapter 2. Generation 44,90€ – 5,00€ Voucher = 39,90€ (+ shipping) equals 11%
  • Carly WiFi Adapter 2. Generation 61,90€ – 5,00€ Voucher = 56,90€ (+ shipping) equals 8%
  • Carly Universal 59,90€ – 5,00€ Voucher = 54,90€ (+ shipping) equals 8%

How do I redeem the Carly voucher code?

Enter the voucher code CADS2021 directly in the cart of the MyCarly Shop.

How often can I redeem the Carly voucher code?

You can redeem the discount code as often as you like. Simply split the order and save several times! Therefore you can pass the code to all of your friends.

And what about discounts on the Carly Apps?

Of course we also have a way for you to save money when you buy the Carly App, but you can save money by buying discounted Google Play and iTunes cards. Just have a look at a savings portal. There are often up to 20% possible. Unfortunately, with the discount code you don’t get a direct discount on the app.

Is the Carly voucher still valid?

Yes, our Carly voucher is valid for the year 2019.

Can the voucher also be used in other countries?

The discount code can of course also be redeemed in other countries, including the entire DACH region including Switzerland and Austria. It also works for the special Carly Shops for the United States, the United KingdomCanada, France, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Norway.

What OBD adapter do I need?

You should definitely use an original 2nd generation adapter. This ensures that all functions of the app are supported for now and in the future. For Android (Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Lenovo etc.) devices you need a Bluetooth adapter, for iOS / Apple (iPhone / iPad) you need a WiFi (WLAN) adapter. The Bluetooth adapter of the 2nd generation works with almost all car models: BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Renault. The same cross-brand functionality is available for iOS via the 2nd generation WiFi adapter .

For VW, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda you currently need a special VAG adapter for iOS / Android.

Why should I use an original adapter?

The original Carly adapter comes with a lifetime warranty. Due to the updateability of the adapter all functions of the Carly Apps can be supported in the future. With other adapters there is no guarantee that the connection between the car and the smartphone is stable enough for coding and error analysis. This means in case of doubt that the app cannot offer all functions or that encodings cannot function stable and secure.

Do I need a separate adapter for each brand?

You can use a second generation adapter with all supported brands. It may be necessary to use a converter, for example the 20 PIN round plug for older BMWs / BMW bikes. These can be purchased separately. It is also necessary to use the appropriate app for each brand. More information can be found on the info pages of the respective adapter.

Can I also use a cable?

You can use a USB-OBD adapter for BMWs in combination with an Android device and an OTG cable. However, I always recommend a second generation wireless adapter.

What if something doesn’t work properly?

You can always contact the support of MyCarly. Usually this way the problem will be identified and fixed. If you are not satisfied with the adapter you can return it within 2 weeks and get your money back. If the adapter is defective, you will always receive a new one due to the lifetime warranty.

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